Survive in the world of zombies and monsters 

Epic Boss

World of Zombies

Dead or Alive

Assassin & Sniper

PVP Arena

The Apostles


Survive together or betray from the Darkness?

Red Queen

A former assassin of an unknown military group from Moscow. She was kidnapped by Apostles and heading to the Dark Prison with player. Although she has a lot of secrets, she is selling gears in the Hunter's Shelter.

George Patton

A retired Commander from States who has participated over hundred times of fatal operations. After the outbreak of virus, he escaped from monsters and stay on the island of Dark Prison.

Anna Smith

A former Special Force Agent from CIA - who was borned in Japan and studied Koryū Bujutsu when she was young. After the outbreak, she was sent to manage the Dark Prison and protect her people.

Dark Walker

An unknown rune trader who runs a black market in the Dark Prison. For some reasons, he owned a dark power and able to control the force and dark magic.

Sky Hacker

A Super genius hacker who was living in Detroit Downtown and providing hacking services for living. After the outbreak, he moved to the Dark Prison and become the intelligent hub of the Hunter Force.

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